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I am Rebecca, wife of Tom since '92. Mom to: Jake(27)United States Navy Christian(19) Valparaiso University & Sophie Joy(17)Grade 11 I have been sewing for many years and knitting for just the last couple years.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

SanDiego January 2017

Our first trip to SanDiego!!! Christian had to remain at home to go to classes so he's not with us unfortunately. Plus, it rained the entire time we were there (record rains, just our luck) so we didn't get to out sightseeing as much as we would have liked, but we saw the kids and met Lisa's family and that was the MAIN reason for going anyway :)

Emerald something, sorry, I forget all the names of the places we went to since there were SO many!
Meeting Lisa's Family :)

Hash House A GoGo

Cabrillo National Monument

Ocean Beach

 Phil's BBQ

The Donut Bar

Saigon Star

A Korean BBQ. The grill was IN the table!!!!

Old Town

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas morning '16 and NYE/New Year's Day '16/'17

Christmas Morning

 Games watching Twilight Zone New Year's Eve