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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sophie's Graduation: May 5, 2018

Mom's out of a job, the baby has graduated from our homeschool.
Congratulations Sophie Joy!!!!!

(Sorry for so few pics, I was enjoying the company and forgot about the camera)

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sophie is 18yo

I can't believe my baby is 18yo.
She chose to eat at Noodle & Company for dinner. We surprised her by having her friends meet us there :) Then they came home with us for pie and icecream. The  boys both had surprise parties at 16yo, but she'd not had one yet.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Bathroom remodels, Jan '18

Upstairs, which was the WORST!! We hadn't been able to shower in there for a while now. It leaked water behind the tile and dripped into the ceiling of the kitchen below.


 I decided to tile the whole shower 'stall' area because of the slope and smallness of the bathroom. Better for the amount of steam. We got a new vent and found it was NOT VENTING OUTSIDE at all! It wasn't even hooked up properly! No wonder steam was SUCH an issue!!! Now, it's great. With the shelf over the door and the new shelving/bins over the toilet I decided to go with a pedestal and surround rack. There is great storage due to those things, as well as the new medicine cabinet. The old lighting was a death trap. We feel much safer with the new lighting. The shower wasn't even a real shower, just a leaking hose off the spigot. Now there is a real shower. LOVE.

This is the kids' bathroom, so I let Sophie choose the coloring. I'm not personally a fan of gray, but she is. There is even new flooring in there. Tile all around for easy cleaning.


Downstairs Main Bathroom
Previous to doing our siding last spring there was a full sized window there. We switched it to a smaller one so we don't need to cover it. We left the flooring because it goes out into the laundry hall and we just couldn't replace all that at this time.


The only things we did not replace were the vanity (we got a new sink top though) and the mirrored medicine cabinet. The new cabinet over the toilet may be a tad shorter, but it's deeper. The shower was a proper shower even when it was a tub, but he moved it a bit higher. LOVE the totally sealed up window!!!!! The tile in the shower goes to the ceiling, but is not on the ceiling like upstairs. We kept the old vent, it was doing an ok job considering the smallness of the room. I realize I didn't get any pics behind the door. It's a plain wall, nothing on it at all except new tan paint like the rest of the room.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas at mom's '17

Christmas at my mom's!

First up, all the cousins

 My brothers and me :)
 And with our spouses
 Mom and me
 And Sophie

 Yay, got one this year! We didn't get a family photo last Christmas